Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Baby Nephew!!!

It's Tuesday and I would normally have a tutorial but I spent most of the day on Skype with my nieces as we "met" my new little nephew (their cousin) Alexander José. He is such a cutie and looks pretty much identical to my brother! This baby is his first child, my parents' third grand-child but their first grandson. The girls and I were beside ourselves when we were looking at him on skype! What a handsome little guy!

my little nephew moments after birth...

To keep in tune with the Tuesday tutorials I went hunting for baby themed tutorials posted on other sites to share with you and found the following:

Velum Birth Announcements on Craftbits.com look like a fun option! You just need a couple of photos, some scrapbooking paper, vellum paper, a printer and you're ready to rock! Here's one of the sample photos used in the tutorial:

Don't have a little one but know someone who does? Here are some great crafts for making great gifts to give to those new parents:

From the Green Kitchen Blog: Sweater Sleeve Kid Pants Tutorial

From Karma Baby: Make Your Own Baby Sling!

Karma Baby Pocket on baby sling...

From Craft Blog: Silhouette Art Tutorial (great for giving to grandparents)

These three tutorials and more can be found on Make For Baby, a directory of crafts and projects to make for baby. I hope to soon be able to bring you more of my own tutorials, being in the middle of transition makes it a bit difficult but I will try to do something about that soon! Enjoy the links!



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