Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conscious Shopping Wednesdays

In the land of sustainable fashion, architecture and children's eco-friendly products no one has better advice or links than Inhabitat. I especially love their kids section properly named Inhabitots! Looking through their posts is pure eye candy. The clean images, the wonderful ideas and the coolest links around! If you are anything like me, you will absolutely love the eco-friendly art smocks for kids showcased on the page today! They are from 3 Sprouts and are totally cute! The one on the website is a green frog art smock! There is also a purple cow one which happens to be my personal favorite!
These are sold by Chi Chi Bean

There are so many great things on Chi Chi Bean's website and what most interests this blogger are the craft kits! One such kit that caught my eye and may have to be my next gift for my four year old niece is the Little Experience Prima Ballerina Create-It Kit. The doll is cute and her packaging becomes her carry-all once it is recycled! The kit comes with everything you need to make a wooden peg-doll ballerina, embellishments for the tu-tu, sticker sheet, glue and etc. Eco-friendly to the nines!
For the little boys in your life, the Little Experience Rocket Build-It kit is just the ticket! Its packaging also turns into its carry bag. There are several greaet little kits on the online store site. Just go ahead and click away to browse through the great craft kits! Now can you see why I love Inhabitots? Look where just one of their links took us! Great stuff on a great site just a few clicks away!


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