Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Conscious Shopping Wednesday: Sneaker Sensation!

Sneaker Sensation at Rosaeurs!

Wednesday is my favorite day for many reasons!

Reason #1: It marks the mid-week point! It is exactly in the middle of the week!
Reason #2: I was born on a Wednesday.
Reason #3: I get to share interesting eco-friendly shopping finds! Yay!

So, today I went back to my favorite eco-site Inhabitat and found a great DIY Fashion kit being showcased on Ecouterre, their fashion weblog. Ecouterre is amazing and has everything you'd want to know about eco-fashion on it! A bonus was that I was able to attend their launch party in NYC last October which was a total blast! I love fashion and if it is sustainable even better!

Here's the skinny on the DIY: JGoods' Sneaker Restoration Kit, something I think I may just be needing to revamp my poor Nikes (they are in such bad shape right now). This kit basically makes your old kicks look new again and who wouldn't want that? Not only can you hang on to your sneaks a while longer (before deciding to place them six feet under or over a heaping pile of garbage) you can make them look great with this snazzy kit! You can buy the kit at JGoods online shop for just $35. In their own words: "The kit includes all the necessary materials for sneaker restoration and the most comprehensive guide to sneaker care, cleaning and restoration available." And did I mention it comes in a really cool shoe box?

JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit

So, go on, make your shoes happy! Give them that nice new look and live sustainably by reusing rather than tossing away! Your shoes will be so glad you brought them back they'll want to dance the night away with you!


New York Sneakers out on Central Park

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