Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Special: Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies and The Family Stone

A few days ago, while I was blog surfing, I came across Joanna Goddard's post Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies on her wonderful blog : A CUP OF JO. The recipe she referenced is from another blog called Abbey Goes Design Scouting, another great read! Abbey's recipe was adapted from a recipe originally found in Gourmet (sadly, the magazine is no longer in print) and her pies look fantastic! Here are Abbey's pies:

Don't those look delicious?

Being inspired by the photo above, which Joanna also posted to her blog, I made a few whoopie pies of my own! Mine were made using this recipe: Carrot Cake Cookies, which are made with carrot cake mix. My sister-in-law had a box of the mix lying around, we did not really have enough carrots to make the ones from scratch and we both had a craving for the whoopie pies after seeing that photo on Joanna's blog! So, here are my little pies:

My attempt at being decorative...

All that yummy filling!

A closer look at my culinary skills!

I love photographing baked goods! As I was making these I was watching/listening to the movie The Family Stone. Sarah Jessica Parker did an awesome job being uptight and obnoxious but becomes endearing in the end. It is a sad movie which teaches a valuable lesson, it teaches love and acceptance no matter what a person is like. I think that in order to really appreciate it you have to view it at least twice, it is a real tear-jerker. Here is one of my favorite scenes from the movie:
Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker

To top everything off, I received a box of Valentine chocolates from my sister-in-law, a nice surprise! So, don't waste another minute, make those whoopie pies and rent the movie! You'll love them both, I guarantee it! Happy Valentine's Day and have a wonderful week!

Cheers ♥

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Salmo 138:8 said...

Quiero probar estas galletas!! Se ves demasiado deliciosassssssss! :P


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