Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings: Blogs, Music and other things I love...

How lovely the sound of the Emma soundtrack is, particularly since I now own it because I caved and bought it at iTunes. I couldn't resist! It will not be long before I cave in and buy the actual film on DVD. Today, after re-inflating my bed and folding laundry, I set out to do a little "computer organizing" and began working on getting all of the blogs I follow on my Feeds list rather than the Favourites. It is much easier to manage them. I also re-arranged my Favourites and created new folders for different websites. As I got the blog feeds in order I was able to peruse some of my faves and that was a lot of fun. One of my favourite crafting blogs is called Things We Make and is managed by Amy Palanjian. This blog showcases the crafts of many and is a great source of inspiration.

Not only does Amy post about the crafts of those who inspire her, she also posts great recipes and other enjoyable things! You must check out her skillet cornbread, I think I will soon be trying to make some myself! Her latest Weekend Project post, Learning to Crochet got me thinking that I really ought to start learning myself and use that little kit and yarn I bought! The box is still sitting near my bed, not at all looked at since I first bought it at Tuesday Morning in Princeton, NJ. I have no idea when I became so side-tracked. Anyway, it did inspire me to take it up and also to finish knitting the scarf I began two years ago (hopefully I can finish it before winter is out!).

There are so many blogs I follow that this blog post could become eternal if I tried to mention them all so I have decided that every Monday I will mention one in the hopes of sharing with my readers a bit about the other great blogs and ideas that are out there. Things We Make is quite visually pleasing and also a great read. I hope you take the time to visit it! Expect a change in the way my blog looks this month! I've decided that with it being a new year I want a fresh new look! Also, I have been thinking that while my blog looks pretty the background makes it a bit difficult to properly see links that I post so in order to remedy that I have decided to go with a new look!

Until tomorrow!



Amy said...

Thank you so much for mentioning me here and I definitely suggest you make the skillet cornbread soon. Every time I eat it I say "This is my favorite food" or "This is the greatest thing I've ever eaten"- I love it. The texture can vary depending on the grind of your cornmeal, so make it a few times, and I have found that 28 minutes is exactly the right cooking time for me and my skillet.

Nadders23 said...

Hi, Amy! Thanks so much for your comment! I will definitely try to make that cornbread very soon! Thanks for the tips on how to get the best results. I love your blog and am eager to see what you post next!


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