Saturday, June 9, 2012

New index card and DIY washi style tape!

I love this ICAD2 project I'm participating in! Here's #9:

A little collage action!
I also discovered some fantastic links for making your own washi tape and decided to make some of my own using paper bits I had lying around. Check it out:

I didn't have double-sided tape with a backing on it so I stuck these strips
on a sheet of sticker paper that was empty which I had lying around. It works
like a charm! ☺

Friday, June 8, 2012

ICAD2 Update: Days 5-8

Just wanted to share with you my last 4 index cards that I've done lately:

Day #5: Blue Hue

Day #6: Yellow

Day #7: Pen Test

Day #8: Celebrating YOU

What do you all think? What ideas do you have for me to do more?


Fantastic Fridays: A little bit of fun in the mail!

Ahhh, Friday!

I hope you've all had a Fantastic Friday! I know I've been having one. Not only did I stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up the latest issue of Molly Makes they had there but I also received some great things in the mail! My brand spanking new personalized Starbucks gold card and some really pretty lovelies from Inspire Lovely. 

I love the label that Debee used on the envelope she sent my little purchase in! Her blog is a HUGE source of inspiration to me so I was super excited to receive the goodies contained in this little package! I really squealed with delight when I opened it! 

Look how cute her business card is and how beautifully wrapped the package was! I kept all of the packaging for later re-use! Love the sequined touch along with the baker's twine. Very cute and thoughtful.

All the lovely goodies! Two packs of 4 postcards of original images by Debee and a little paper crafting kit hand-picked lovelies by Debee as well! She sure has a knack for picking such gorgeous little things! Check out my post at This Is My Letter to You for a more detailed look at the postcards I bought! I can't wait to share them with my pen pals!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tutorials: Tag Regeneration, turning price tags into gift tags

I love to reuse things that most people would just toss out with the day's garbage and while it may seem odd it gives me great satisfaction to be able to make something out of nothing. A little creativity really does go a long way and there are endless things one can do with what one has lying around. 

Inspired by the latest challenge I've been participating in, the ICAD2, I kept my paints, stamps and deco tapes out in hopes of getting inspired to make these little gift tags from clothing price tags that I've been saving. I used many random materials and so can you!

I started out with a variety of tags in various shapes and sizes (my favorites
are the aerie ones from American Eagle). Altering tags to create gift tags was
how I envisioned reusing these and I am so glad I did! 
 I used craft acrylic paint in two different whites to prep my tags for stamping
and to cover up prices, logos, etc. I applied as many coats as it took and  let
dry between each application.
Adding color and embellishment to tags is fairly easy. I used scrap booking
paint for one and watercolor for the other tag pictured in these four detailed
views. I used a .01 micron pen to write the "to" and "from" on each tag and
used some stamps and ink pads I have to decorate the tags along with some
deco tape as well. 
Lastly, get creative! Let your imagination take flight and make things that
you enjoy looking at. The recipient of your gifts will no doubt appreciate
the fact that you made the gift tag yourself and lovingly added the perfect
touches. Above are just 4 of my tags. More to follow soon! Let's see yours!

Such a fun project can also be adapted to make with children. Use finger paints to give tags an interesting effect or have children paste strips of tissue paper on either side of the tags, using collage techniques, etc. Letting your creativity flow is the key!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Musings: ICAD2 Update and a photographic moment.

ICAD2 has been evolving quite nicely! Seeing everyone's posts on the flickr group page is both fun and inspiring and I am having a blast letting my creative juices flow! Here are my cards so far:

Day #1
Day #2
Day #3
Day #4

Today's (#4) was fun because I used one of the prompts from Daisy Yellow's prompts list. It is encouraging to have people comment on your work on flickr and show each other mutual support for the endeavor we've undertaken. I hope that many of you will consider joining, you can jump in at any time and that you will use these cards as am inspiration for future art projects whether it be art journaling, card-making or just doodling for fun. 

Before I go I'd like to share with you a snapshot of a little feathered friend, a dove, who is nesting right outside our door:

Miss Bella, the nesting dove.
Isn't she a beauty? Just thought I'd share her with you since she makes me smile every day! Happy crafting and creating!



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