Friday, February 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday: Jane Austen and the latest BBC Version of Emma

I've decided that in order to keep the blog up to date I must give each day of the week a specific function and as such have decided that this blog will be maintained Monday through Friday, with the occasional weekend special! In short, Fridays are now called Fantastic Fridays and will feature things such as what I am reading, watching and enjoying during each week. To kick of the first Fantastic Friday we will talk about the latest BBC version of Emma. Jane Austen, as many know, has been delighting us for nearly 200 years and it is no wonder these classic heroines are still causing us to go back to our bookshelves and re-read those beloved books which seem to me as dear as my own friends.
This latest BBC version of the classic tale of Emma Woodhouse is rapidly gaining popularity among Austenites and introducing many younger generations to Jane's thought provoking characters. Romola Garai as Miss Woodhouse is fun and energetic and according to those who know "physically...fits the part perfectly" (Deconstructing Miss Emma Woodhouse, by Laurel Ann of the Austenprose blog). There have been several Emma's but I think that by far Romola Garai is my favorite Emma. There is a uniqueness about her that just makes her endearing even when you are exasperated with her schemes! Jonny Lee Miller is Mr. George Knightley and what a Knightley he is! He fits the character like a charm. I've been watching Emma on PBS' Masterpiece Classics and am eager to see the last installment of the mini series which will air on PBS this Sunday. If you have not already watched it and are in the US you can go to: to catch up.

Episode 3 of the PBS showing will air online beginning on Monday. So, for all you Jane Austen fans who might be reading this blog, do not miss Emma. It is very entertaining and delightful! I look forward to hearing from those of you who are viewing and hope you will let me know what you think of this latest version of the classic. Before I forget, if you are going to watch on Sunday please join the Emma Twitter Party, don't forget to use the hash tag #emma_pbs when posting during the party! For more info see: Emma Twitter Party

"Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way." -Emma



Kiki Nakita said...

I also love Jane Austen. She actually wrote at Stoneleigh Abby and enjoyed long meandering walks near the waters edge. She stayed so many times that Lord Leigh re-decorated a whole suite for her, I've seen it and it's Regency in all it's glory!Stoneleigh, Warwickshire is the same village I grew up in. It is so beautiful there. You should check out Stoneleigh Abby:

Nadders23 said...

Thanks, Kiki! I will definitely check Stoneleigh Abbey out! I am glad you too love Jane Austen! Did you watch this version of Emma? I saw the last episode yesterday and am getting ready to watch Northanger Abbey next weekend! :-)


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