Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Conscious Shopping Wednesday: Paper Fever

Checking out my daily blog reads I found some gorgeous paper goods so I thought, "Why not write a post about the beautiful things people are doing with paper?" So here it is! I've been seeing a lot of letterpress goods and handmade paper lovelies that it is too difficult not to share the goodies!

Sarah Parrot's Parrot Design Studio has the most gorgeous wedding invitations I have ever seen:

In the blog A Field Journal you will find some pretty gorgeous paper goods as well, such as this Grade School Valentine Craft Pack:

This particular craft pack is actually available for download and even though Valentine's Day is gone I think it is worth downloading and using over and over! They are absolutely beautiful and remind me of when I was in grade school! How I miss it!

Another lovely download from the same blog is the I Spied October game book. A beautiful paper project to use as a gift or for nostalgic purposes. I think I may make one for my nieces to give them as a Halloween gift. Here's one of Livy's photos of her beautiful project:

Please be sure to check out Livy's blog A Field Journal, there are so many beautiful tutorials and great recipes. Plus, she was one of the first bloggers I started following, one of my very first daily reads and when you go to her blog you will see why! Click on the bold faced link of the blog name above the Grade School Craft pack photo to access her site.

{papermash} has some really great new products that I want to share with you! These really caught my eye:

Hello Camera Notecards from {papermash}
Mini doilies from {papermash}, shown in white
Paris Polaroid postcards, set of six from {papermash}

Aren't all these things lovely? I love paper goods and even love to make my own cards and things, but I love what others are able to come up with too!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! As you know, Wednesday is my favorite day so I love to share my favorite things with you! Don't forget to check the sites and blogs out!


Images from the following: Parrot Design Studio, A Field Journal, and {papermash}.

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