Saturday, October 8, 2011

For the Do It Yourself Crowd (I'm part of you too!)...

I am in love with doing things myself. It's why I love Pinterest, why I love blogs, why I love in short looking at an object that someone else deems as trash and knowing that I can do something with it. It's what has helped me turn formula cans and vegetable cans into beautiful pen/pencil holders, what has inspired me to make bookmarks out of discarded card stock, and many other crafts. Anything do it yourself is always fine by me.

So when I discovered Mollie Makes magazine which is full of great crafts, diy's, and more I was hooked! Plus, each issue comes with a little craft kit for your enjoyment. I've only been able to get issues 1 and 5 here in the States (the magazine is from the UK) but am trying to track down 2-4 and then hoping that next week issue 6 will be in the stand at Barnes and Noble which is where I have gotten the other two issues. I am so super eager for issue 6 to be here in the US (it has already come out in the UK).

My two kits I've acquire and have yet to put together and of course, Issue 5.
I happened upon Mollie Makes on Facebook while browsing other pages. Somehow I ended up there and fell in love and while on a trip to Barnes and Noble looking for crafting magazines there it was! The first issue and I was hooked! I love it and want more of it! I think what I liked most about it is that it resembled greatly my other favorite crafting magazine Adorn (of which I was only ever able to purchase one copy) which had tons and I mean TONS of great do-it-yourself projects and showcased some awesome crafting books. Mollie Makes does all this and so much more!

Issue #1 of Mollie Makes and Adorn Magazine Issue Spring 2007.
 I miss Adorn but know that there are some copies still available online, hopefully soon I can get a few to make a complete collection. Someday...anyway I just wanted to share Mollie Makes with you all because I love it so much! Any other crafty mags you all read? I'd love to know if you can recommend any!



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