Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dreaming of White Christmases and decked halls...

Christmas is indeed just around the corner, with barely 10 days left until the holiday is upon us I've been busy trying to get all of my shopping done! Next year I will try not to wait until the last minute...try being the operative word. For those far away (and one special person very close by) I've done my shopping online...the rest I'm doing right here in town.

Decorating the tree was very fun! My sister-in-law went for a red-white-black-and silver theme this year and the ornaments are very pretty and almost vintage style. The tree is tall and beautiful if I do say so myself. A touch that I had not previously thought of myself was my sister-in-law's idea of hanging large ornaments from the ceiling and they look absolutely wonderful! We were able to procure six large ornaments in a package from Costco and used only 5 along the crease of the ceiling. There is truly nothing I love better than Christmas decorations!

So, I've yet to do my Christmas baking and also have to get some cards written out but all in good time! :-) Most of the cards I need to send are local so I'm not so worried. Christmas Eve promises to be a fun day! I'm going to be having a mini movie marathon with my dear friend and hope to be able to bring him some baked goods for the occasion. We will no doubt be watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, California Raisins Christmas Special and more. On Christmas Day in the evening we'll watch It's a Wonderful Life and one other film which I cannot remember at present. I am eager to see how well received my gifts are to their recipients. For the following Christmas I hope to be better prepared.

I think I will begin my Christmas shopping for next year in June or thereabouts. At the very least for my nieces and nephew to whom I want to be able to give several gifts next year. I do hope that I will be better off financially by then. At any rate, I suppose it is the thought that counts when giving gifts. I hope to have another post for you all tomorrow. Enjoy your week and I will greet you again soon!



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