Friday, July 29, 2011

♦Fantastic Fridays: Painting...♦

Oh the joys of creating something yourself. Earlier this week I painted a small 6"x 6" canvas and found it to be therapeutic.
My little painting, acrylic on canvas, first I've ever done...
Yesterday I got a pack of 25 different brushes at Big Lots for four dollars and today I bought some sponges, painters tape and clothes pins for various art projects I want to do. They are not "professional" supplies but I have found that there are many things that one can use to create beautiful works of art. Tomorrow I will work on another painting I want to do using shapes and textures. It should be interesting. 

I am by no means a professional and am just experimenting with art. I've decided to start and art journal on my 30th birthday which I am really excited about as I think it will really help my creativity. I've been gathering my supplies and even think I am going to actually make the journal I want to use myself. So, I'll be posting more about that soon!

I checked out a few sites for inspiration and found the following:

daisy yellow, a great source for learning about art journaling
journal girl, a fantastic blog of inspiration
Hanna Andersson, her blog is full of beautiful art


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

POST #105: Another little project...

Making cards from my own photos...
I cannot believe that this is my 105th post to date! I know that I've been a little sporadic lately but I am hoping to get up to my old speed again. I've been learning a lot more about blogging and will be slowly incorporating all the things I learn in here. My photos are looking crisper and better and the style is becoming my own. I am happy to share with you all what I am doing and I promise that soon there will be a proper tutorial in the works. 

I've been working on some projects using my photography, sparked in part by the fact that I would like to know what I can make at home with my photos (I have so many gorgeous shots that I want to share with the world) and in part by the fact that I have been pen-palling a lot lately. So, doing a little research here and using the programs I already have on my computer + my excellent ingenuity skills I have created some cards using my photos and printing them right at home on card stock. The ones in the photos are my prototypes but aren't they lovely?

I have finally also found a use for my binder clips...
The cards in the picture show two distinct shots I took in 2009 and 2010. The one on the right is an autumnal shot called "Autumnal Reverie" which I have on display in a few websites and shot in Princeton, NJ in Fall of 2009. The one on the left is a row of townhouses on Bank St. in the West Village in Manhattan which I shot in January 2010 on a weekend visit. They are both two of my favorite places and I hope to print more cards out soon! 

I love to work with the things I have on hand...
Today I printed out a few more cards from a small shoot I did in Princeton that same previously mentioned autumn. I have enough shots of the university and the surrounding area to have an entire collection of prints on cards. I'll be bringing you more photos soon of some more of this wonderful creations of mine. Hope you've enjoyed them! 

Thanks for stopping by!


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