Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Love Fluff!

I love marshmallow fluff! I really do! I often pair it with peanut butter in sandwich form or I'll take a heaping spoonful and plop it in my mouth for something sweet. A couple of days ago I did just that and then suddenly realized that there was no more fluff. It was a sad day for me but being left with an empty fluff jar I began to think of ways to reuse it rather than toss it in the garbage. So, what did I do first? My first task was to get the label off! The label had a recipe for fudge on the back side so, of course, I peeled it off carefully so as to be able to leave that recipe in tact to paste in my notebook collection of recipes!

Once I removed the label I set the jar in some hot water to get the rest of the marshmallow goo off and the glue on the outside of the jar so that I would end up with a nice clean and clear jar with a red lid! I love that red lid! It has this great look that just call my attention. ☺ Once my jar was clean and dry I began thinking of various uses for it. I sat on my bedroom floor thinking of the things I could put in it. I had a few crafting supplies around but had decided on placing those in a box which I will later decorate. I had a few hair scrunchies lying around but those already had a place in my old silver box purse....what to place in the jar? Candy!

I had several pieces of small candies lying around and the jar was perfect for that! In fact, the jar is perfect for storing various different things. You can store ribbon, jelly beans, chocolate chips, thumb tacs, gumdrops and virtually anything you want in a jar like this. Want your child to save money but don't want to buy a piggy bank you have to later smash to pieces? Reuse a jar! Want to keep office supplies in a nifty looking receptacle? Use a jar! There are so many awesome uses for jars! I think it is easy to reuse them and never tire of it. As I stated before, I chose to store my small candies in this particular jar but were I to have another jar I might use it for something else! There are endless possibilities! You can even decorate the jar and use it as a vase or a planter for a starter plant! Jars are versatile and you help preserve our environment when you reuse rather than tossing it in the old garbage can.

I hope this has been informative!


Stacy (S.E.W.Butterfly) said...

You and my lil Charlie like Fluff! My mom introduced it to him when he was about 2 years old. He called in Fwuff, then! LOL

Nadders23 said...

Awwwww! Tell Charlie he is in good company with his love of Fwuff, Stacy! Hugs!


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