Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial: Reusing Plastic Gum Containers

Just a short tutorial for today, been quite busy lately and had very little time to do much for today's post! About a year ago I bought some gum that came in a plastic container and when all the gum was gone I decided to keep the container to use it for something else. I'd been using it to tote around my rechargeable batteries (2 at a time) but it was looking a bit bland all white, so today I decided to decorate it.

For this project you will need an empty gum container:

I used an old ice breakers cubes gum container.

Also, some embellishments, glue, scissors and whatever else you might need:

I used embellishments in the form of cut-outs
from my PB Kids catalog

First, cut-out and collect the embellishments you wish to use. They can be anything from stickers to magazine cut-outs. Second, paste the cut-outs on the container using a decoupage glue or make your own with glue and water, apply with a paintbrush.

A few of my embellishments

I love the woodland theme that is so popular
at present!

Little flowers on the back...

Don't forget to brush over top after you've added all the embellishments you want to add. It should look gorgeous and a bit shiny! You can store any small things in it. I use this one for batteries but you can use it to store needles for sewing, loose change, even gum if you do not want to deal with all that paper stuff!



Richard said...

How very creative Nadia! So inspiring that you bring new things into being on a daily basis, be it through words, photographs and now crafts!

Keep it up : )


Nadders23 said...

Thanks very much for your comment, Rich! I enjoy sharing these things with you and the others who read my blog! Hopefully someday soon I will be able to do my very first giveaway!


Barbie Chiu said...

Start your day positively and the rest will follow. Please do visit my site.Thank you and have a good day.




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