Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conscious Shopping Wednesday: I ♥ Etsy Shops!

I love Etsy shops and am happy to say that I've already made three purchases from three different shops in the past couple of months and am very satisfied (well, I am with the first purchase and sure I will be with the most recent two purchases I've made). The best thing about Etsy shops is that you can find all sorts of handmade items, vintage items and eco-friendly at that! Etsy is such a popular site for selling goods that even a few friends of mine have their own shops. Among them are Khursten Cornwall (owner of Jane Bags), Stacy Gandy (owner of Sewbutterfly), and my dear friend Megzy whose shop is called MegzyTred (both Megzy and Stacy's stores are on vacation right now but you can see some of their wonderful things anyway). These ladies create gorgeous things! First, let's take a look at Stacy's beautiful items:

Adorable buttercream cupcake pin cushion
Gorgeous Floral Tote Bag

Beautiful cobbler apron

Aren't these beauitful? Unfortunately, all of the above items are not available as they have already been sold and as I mentioned before, Stacy's shop is on vacation but this gives you an idea of the things she sells.

Next up, Megzy's little shop! She has gorgeous hand-painted flower pots and she also has an Arfire shop with her gorgeous photography for sale! She is extremely talented and very crafty, I am very glad to feature her here as well! Here are a few of my favorite's from Megzy's shop (items have all been previously sold and there are currently no new items as the shop is also on vacation):

Wintertree my MegzyTred

Will you be my sweetheart pot by MegzyTred

Let's Fall in Love pot by MegzyTred

Those are so gorgeous I think I may have just fallen in love with them! Megzy does some really great work! I love it! Now, last but certainly not least we have Khursten's beautiful handmade bags and custom made bags! I am so eager to see the one that she is making me but in the meantime I wish to show you some of the ones she already made! These are deliciously beautiful!

Beautiful messenger bag custom made for Tiffany Carbaugh
Purse/Bag for Emily by JaneBags

Fabric Cash Envelope Wallet by JaneBags

Aren't Khursten's creations absolutely gorgeous? I love them! And while we are on the subject of Etsy, as I was writing this post my other purchase came in! I was expecting it tomorrow but it got here today, all the way from Texas! I bought a few stickers and a little stamp set from Pretty Tape. Owner Glenda is so nice! She has beautiful stickers, tapes and embellishments from China, Japan, Korea and more! Here are the photos I took of the package I received from Glenda:

The package as it came in the envelope, complete
with note from Glenda!
The sweet note from Glenda! I love how she
personalizes her packaging!
Three packs of stickers! One is message diary sticker
set, the other two are Anne's Euro Travel sticker set,
and Pretty transparent diary deco pack.
C'est moi with the stickers!
Cute Paris stamp set that I got as well!
Inside the little box! Thanks, Glenda!!

I love Etsy and hope you do too! Go check out all there is out there at I guarantee you'll love it! There are so many things to see! You can check out my profile and check out some of my favorite sellers by clicking here: CraftyNanny28. Check out my other post about etsy: Can I Have These, Please?
Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Check these sellers out and hopefully you'll find something you like and buy it!


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