Thursday, March 4, 2010

Awareness Thursday: A Whale of a Tale

Looking through my long list of e-mails for some inspiration I came across a message sent by Greenpeace which is a disturbing to me. Apparently, the United States is embarking on a deal that poses a huge threat to whales worldwide, the largest threat since the 1986 moraturium to commercial whaling was established. Why anyone would want to hunt these beautiful creatures of the sea is beyond me as they create part of the balance of our eco-system and whaling cause a very big threat to that harmony and that trickles down to the overall threat on humanity itself.

According to Greenpeace, this deal would permit whaling even in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (wouldn't be much of a sanctuary then, would it?). It's ridiculous and outrageous what the United States is wanting to be a part of. We need to stop this action before it becomes a major hazard to the safety of whales. Take action here --> Obama, Say No to commericial whaling. Join me in taking action today against whaling. Once again, the whales need our help for their safety and the safe-guarding of the delicate balance of our eco-system. Let's not let them down!

Here's a reminder of what whaling looks like:

Image from Greenpeace UK

Japanese whaling photo courtesy of the blog

A bloody battle, photo courtesy of the Sidney Morning Herald

Gruesome, aren't they? I do not want to see our oceans turning red because of corporate greed. Stop and think about the whales and how long we fought for them in the 80s. I leave you with a nicer photo:

Humpback whales from

Let's save the whales once more!


Retro Threadz * Mary said...

oh my god . that is disturbing. sickening. whales are my favorite , FAVORITE animals. they are so beautiful

Nadders23 said...

I love whales too! I was so upset when I read that e-mail but it is not surprising to me. The biggest perpetrators of the whaling industry are the Japanese (they claim that whaling is so ingrained in their culture that they could never do without it) and of course, since they are currently holding the largest amount of US debt assets our country is bound to side with them since you don't bite the hand that feeds you, so to speak. Without them and the Chinese our economy would be basically non-existant and it is up to those of us who love these creatures of the sea to raise awareness and educate people on all sides about this issue. :-)


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