Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Une belle surprise! Kate Moss for Longchamp...

I have been a fan of Longchamp ever since they brought the Ceci est un it bag purse! Looking for an image of this bag I found a blog that mentioned it and provided a link to Longchamp's online store and voilà! I found the new Kate Moss for Longchamp collection and fell in love! I still want to find one of those "IT BAG"s but wanted to share this collection with you. Here are a few images from the website and an interview with Kate Moss, all from LONGCHAMP PARIS.

Logo for Kate Moss Collection

The collection is exquisitely beautiful yet modern. The site boasts a downloadable music playlist created by Kate and Queens of Noize which is fun, including tunes such as "Tainted Love" and "You Really Got Me" among other greats. You can also create your own moodboard à la Kate! It's fun and enters you into a contest to win a Gloucester Travelling Bag signed by Kate herself. I created my little board and entered in the drawing! Wish me luck!

Below is what Kate has to say about Longchamp:

from Longchamp Paris, all rights reserved

My Kate Moss Moodboard...

Aren't these gorgeous? I'd love to see everyone else's moodboards! Go ahead and create one!


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