Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why another two day hiatus?

Blame It on FidelHello friends and fellow readers! I know I've not posted anything in a couple of days and I feel terrible about that but I've been busy packing for a move. On Monday, March 29th I will be embarking on yet another journey to Venezuela. I was there last year for about 4 months, from the end of March to a little past mid-July 2009. As much as it hurts to leave the United States, I believe this move is the best thing for me at this point in my life and when opportunity knocks you've got to grab it by the horns, so to speak. I am not saying good-bye but saying I'll keep in touch from way over there!

I will continue to bring you tutorials, consumer reviews and all the other things I've posted to you about just that I will be in Caracas instead of NY. In the meantime, my room looks like a tornado ripped through it because I have stuff strewn around while I pack (my method is a bit odd but it works for me). I am waiting for a movie I bought from to come in yet (I hope it gets here either today or tomorrow, they said Friday at the latest) and I need to reorganize a few things. The movie I bought is called Blame It on Fidel and it is such a great film! I had the good fortune of watching it on the Sundance Channel in January and really wanted to share it with my friends and family.

The film really makes you think about your own values and where they lie. It's thought provoking and informative. I am really happy to own it on DVD and the fact that I am going to be able to share it with my parents when I arrive in Venezuela is a plus, I'd been telling them about it because I really wanted them to see it. Anyway, a couple of other films I bought previously need special mention here as they too are quite good; Because I Said So (Widescreen Edition) and Sideways (Widescreen Edition). I'm a huge fan of Diane Keaton and a movie all about California wine country can't be bad, right? Watching Sideways always puts me in a mood for good wine!

So, in short, I've a lot of packing to do yet and still have "work" to do taking care of my nieces. Somehow it will all work itself out and I will be ready! LOL!

Until tomorrow!

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