Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Things I've Made....

I love to make things with my own two hands and when I learned to knit starting with a basic scarf I began to wonder what else I could make with the same pattern. I first made a little placemat but wanted to make something else that I could wear. That's when I thought, if I can make scarves with this pattern can't I make headbands using the same tecnique? Thus the headband in the picture was born! It is a bandana style head band because it has two thinner strips attached to the ends, cord-style, to tie on underneath. I think for my next headband I will attach an elastic for easier use.

Besides knitting I have many other hobbies which include baking, cooking and decorating pretty much anything! I decorate my own composition notebooks. Here is a notebook I decorated for my Italian Language Studies (I am teaching myself the language). I have a lot of cardstock and patterned paper that I have collected over time (seriously, when I have money and see something I like there is not stopping me, I have been working on exercising self-control) so for this notebook I chose cardstock in the colors of the Italian flag and cut strips of equal length and width for the cover. I pasted them with a normal gluestick and for the tag I just used a sticker tag I had lying around.
As for baking, there are many things I have tried my hand at! Since I am moving soon, my Dad asked me to make some brownies for the road so I have been baking those a lot lately. I love baking breads, particularly Irish ones, and cookies as well though. Here I have decided to share a picture of the Spotted Dog I made last month. It was delicious and really quite easy to make. Soon I will be sharing recipes with you all as well as other tips. I cannot wait to be able to get back into the swing of things!
More later, though, as we are pretty much down to a few plates and things while we have only about 6 days left here in Florida before leaving for New Jersey!


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