Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Favorite Things...

I love my room and making it my own. My favorite piece of furniture is my desk. It is where I place the majority of my arts and crafts supplies, such as stickers, pens, colored pencils and more.

Below you will find several different things that inspire me and how I have arranged my things. I have a toy collection which I love and are often the inspiration for the color schemes I use in my crafts. As you can see, I love color contrasts. They just speak to me!

One of my favorite crafts besides scrapbooking and card making, is knitting. I do a little bit of everything but knitting is so theraputic and I love to just be able to put on a movie and knit a bit while watching. I also knitted on the bus and even on the Metro in Caracas many times (the bus in Spokane--in Caracas it would have been impossible but on the Metro on my way to work it was easy).

I was given the little dream pillow below by my sister-in-law and just loved the color and look of it! Below and surrounding it are some of my scrapbooking supplies. The big pink box is full of papers! All kinds of papers!

Well, I hope that sharing these with you encourages you to take a look into how you decorate and find your unique style!


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