Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Take Action: Blog Action Day 2009- Climate Change

This video pretty much says it all, friends! Climate Change is an urgent issue. I saw this on the Socks For Happy People blog and have decided to join the blogging effort on October 15th as well. I do not know how many people my blog reaches but even if it reaches just one person on that day I hope that it will impact them in such a way that they will see just how important it is to curb climate change before it is too late.

For our children and our children's children, for our entire posterity--let us band together on October 15th and blog about something that affects us all! Look forward to seeing you on the world wide web blogging right along with us on that day. For more information and to join please click on the following link:

Thanks again, friends!



Nadders23 said...

Ok, just trying this comment thing out to see if this works! I think it will!

Tom Minter said...

Hi Nadia!

So great you've got your comments up and running, and that you're doing Blog Action Day! You so rock. :-)

You defintely have at least TWO blog readers. Me and Rich from Socks for Happy People are avid fans, for sure!

And we're looking forward to those cookies!

Tom :)

Nadders23 said...

Love you, Tom and Rich! I will definitely be sending some cookies your way in the near future! :-) XOXO


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