Thursday, September 10, 2009


So, I don't know about you guys but in my crafting adventures research is quite helpful. How do I research? I check out other crafter's blogs (on my list of favorite sites I have included a few of the blogs I check out and I have begun to follow some other blogs), look up online tutorials on websites, look in magazines, old books wherever I can find interesting crafts and projects. I find that children's activity books often have a lot of interesting crafts to make that you can tweak to make them more grown-upish!

I love reading other blogs because they are always informative, interesting and most importantly its other people sharing their experiences with you and me, I find that to be the most sincere form of humanity. I love it! I share on here not because I want to make myself look good but because I want to contribute to society and encourage others to do the same. So, come on folks! Let's get crafting and have fun!

PS: I love comments, so don't be shy!

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