Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Things I Use..

Here I am once again to showcase some of my materials:

Above: The things I keep in my desk which I use pretty much for everything! My room is my creative station, my office and my sanctuary all in one!

Below: My ribbon box--this box holds all of the ribbon I have collected over the years, whether bought or gifted. It also holds fabric and felt scraps...I have yet to decorate the box but I love knowing where my supplies are! The box is an old Rebok shoebox which actually has a flip top so it is perfect!

I love the boxes the soaps my parents buy come in! Below you can see how I have made use of one of these Italian soap boxes from the saponifico. I have bits of paper ribbon stored in there. This collection is not as large as the other collection but I am sure it will become larger as I collect and find more!

I will soon post pictures of my paper collection and as I settle into my new life in New Jersey I hope to be able to do more tutorials! For now, enjoy the posts I am doing about materials and old projects as well as the publicity I am doing for the companies that I am beginning to love like Socks For Happy People!


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