Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things to do....

How I wish I could be crafting all the day long but I've not had the chance to do that at all! I've been mostly helping do things around the house, photo editing, updating flickr, and trying to keep from getting bitten by the tons of mosquitos that keep attacking me all day and night long! They seem to get feisty when it is hot here and then they get worse after it has rained and is still hot out (I guess it's a tropical effect or something). So, things are just a bit hectic and tiring but hopefully all will be normal after a while.

On Sunday, after church, I ran all over La Candelaria looking for a birthday gift for my friend and finally found a few things I thought she might like in Ferka. Thankfully we've had rain the last couple of days but my main concern is that it rain in the parts of the country where it is most needed, with this drought the rivers are not filling up and it is bad for us because Venezuela runs mostly on hydroelectric power. Conserving energy has never been more difficult. Anyway, my friend's birthday was a ton of fun and the fabulous cake our other friend made for her birthday got many oohs and ahhs, you can check the photos out on her facebook page: Marianna's Cakes. Here's on of the photos I took:

I hope to be able to keep you more updated throughout the week. I seem to be busy all the time here and I am not even working yet! LOL!


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