Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{I ♥ shopping!}: El Principito Kids...

Shopping locally is often a bit of a task as nowadays almost everything comes from China but the brand El Principito Kids is from here and marketed throughout Latin America and Spain. I have the good fortune of being near the outlet store so I can get the clothes at a large percentage less than what one would pay at any of the other stores. I wanted to share the beauty and quality of these articles of clothing with you today in hopes that someday soon EPK will export to the US and other parts of the world. Here are the three shirts I bought my two nieces and nephew last week:

These shirts are brilliant and beautiful, designed in France exclusively for EPK and are just too cute for words! I love their collections and while I was in NY was contemplating how I might get some cute articles of clothing for my nieces and nephews from this store and at a good price so I am very happy with my purchase. All three shirts were under Bs.F 110 together which was a real bargain since a small baby shirt alone at any other store here can cost a minimum of Bs.F 120.

Anyway, I just wanted to share these lovely things with you all!


Diana Mieczan said...

Very cute! I love the little detailing on each item!
Thanks for sharing!

Nadders23 said...

Thanks, Diana! :-)


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