Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tutorials: 100th Post!!! Whoopie!

It's my 100th post! So excited! I wanted to share with you an idea that works great for party favors or a fun birthday gift and is quick and easy to do! I always like to have hard candies on hand for sucking on if need be and was trying to find a place to put mine and it dawned on me that I had this empty plastic Starbucks cup sitting on my window ledge and I thought, maybe I can use that. While out shopping on Saturday I wandered into a candy shoppe and lo and behold the idea I had had already been taken so I just had to buy one of these gorgeous cups!

Here they are for you to see:
The one on the left is from Bruttles Gourmet Candies and Treats & the one
on the far right is my Starbucks cup I decided to reuse. The tray is also from

Taffy in the Bruttles cup and Jolly Ranchers in the Starbucks one.
So, this project is a reuse/recycle one. I took my Starbucks cup and washed it well with dish soap (the straw too), rinsed it and dried it completely. Once it was clean I just filled it with the candies as shown and voila! Instant gift or party favor! The tray was from my brother's last trip to Starbucks and I snatched it up thinking I might be able to use it. I think if you have some or even save a few they would make a great way of displaying party favors and people can take them off the trays as they leave and you will have them to use again for another function. So, it's quick, easy and affordable! Hope to see you all create some with your favorite candies!


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