Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday Tutorials: Making a hand-made fall themed postcard...

I adore autumn! It's my favorite season. So when I heard about the fall themed postcard swap I was all over it! The task was to create a handmade postcard with an autumn theme and I thought I would share how I made mine with you. So here we go!

You will need the following:

  • Mat stack of your choice (I used the 'Once Upon a Time' mat stack from Die Cuts with a View)
  • Brown Crayola Marker, basic colors collection
  • Autumn Leaf stickers (for texture and relief)
  • Autumn themed stickers
For some card making inspiration I used the following magazine:

Card Maker magazine...

And here are the steps:

  1. Make a rough sketch of how you want your postcard to look, I drew it in my notebook.
  2. Choose your card stock mat according to your theme, I really liked the light backdrop this particular mat created for the embellishments I used.
  3. Choose your stickers according to the theme you've decided to use (I used these photo stickers my father had given me as a gift).
  4. Begin placing your leaf accent stickers where you have sketched them on your mat.

     5.  Choose something to write, a message according to your theme (I used a simple message from the 
          Card Maker magazine).
     6.  Place embellishment stickers on mat according to your layout.
     7.  Continue to embellish postcard and write message you chose to use on there as well using a brown
          Marker or another autumnal color.
     8.  Finish placing embellishments and write personal message on the opposite side of your postcard.

And here you have the finished product:

Enjoy! Cheers!

***Note***: In my second steps collage a few photos were labeled incorrectly, sorry for the inconvenience but you get the general idea! 


Maria said...

Hermosa, y ademas me encantó todo el tutorial paso a paso, que trabajo! Mi estacion favorita tambien es otoño!

Nadders23 said...

Amiga, acabo de ver tu comentario! Gracias por visitar. :-) Me alegra que esta sea tu estacion favorita tambien.


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