Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Special: Socks For Happy People Love

On Tuesday I received a package in the mail all the way from the UK. Inside the lovely reusable envelope were the socks pictured to the left. Those of you who have been reading my blog for quite some time know how much I love Socks For Happy People and their mission. So you can imagine that I am beside myself with these 5 pairs of socks and have had a rather large smile on my face all week since receiving this excellent package and the great note from Tom and Rich which brought tears to my eyes. I was not expecting to receive such a wonderful array of socks but I deeply appreciate what I was sent.

As I told my good friend Megzy, who is also a huge fan of SFHP, I am beside myself with joy at the ability I now have to wear these remarkable socks because, afterall, they are more than socks. They are even more than iconography, they hold meaning and that is something which not all brands can boast off. I love that the company doesn't have just a mission statement, they understand that they are on a mission. Their purpose:
"Socks for Happy People exists to inspire a deeper understanding of genuine happiness throughout the world, and be a shining example of how a business with the well-being of humanity and nature at its core can be inherently sustainable and abundantly profitable."
How could anyone oppose to that? Socks for Happy People truly is more than just another sock company. Their purpose and mission also breaks down to three different types of visions: Social, Environmental and Economic. Besides these wonderful visions there are the wonderful programs of Buy One, Give One Free as well as Penny On which gives you the option of adding pennies on to your purchase benefiting Penny On an organization dedicated to the eradication of world poverty. So, as you can see, Socks For Happy People is about more than just socks but the socks are pretty darn wonderful too!

In short, I hope you too will hop on the happiness band-wagon and get into a pair or two or even more of Socks for Happy People socks because, afterall, they're more than just socks! This is a happiness revolution and I'm all for that!

Love, socks, and happiness!

Nadia Marie


Diana Mieczan said...

How adorable! They made me smile for sure and image wearing those cuties on your feet each day and having a giggle every time you look down :)
Great post and have a lovely Sunday my dear!

Nadders23 said...

Thanks, Diana! You should get a few pairs. They're really great! :)

Hope you had a great Sunday!


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