Friday, May 28, 2010

Fantastic Friday: Rain, rain and more rain!

It rained pretty much all day today! I did some laundry early in the morning and thank God that was dry but I didn't have such luck with my second load! After placing it out to dry I went to get a couple of things at the panaderia and to meet up with a friend and voila! It stared pouring down rain! My clothes was, of course, soaked and since it rained all day since it is still up there wet and I will probably have to take it down early tomorrow morning, bring it here and put it through the rinse cycle once more...oh well!

Other than that, I had a pretty busy day running about here and there, taking my little friend Maria Alejandra to and from ballet to music class! We had fun at the end, despite the rainfall! I got an Italia bracelet to be decked out in World Cup gear and fervor (that's my team) and Maria Alejandra was happy because she is also a fan of Italy! After that we got ice cream sundae's at McDonald's and headed back to the building! Here are some shots we took today:
Maria and I show off our bracelets...

Maria and I at McD's!


Maria enjoying her sundae...


Diana Mieczan said...

We finally have sun here...It was raining too:)
Those are very cute and enjoy your weekend:)
Kisses, sweetie

Nadders23 said...

Thanks, Diana! It's been a while since I last wrote! I am trying to work on perfecting my schedule so I can write daily!! :-)


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