Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Musings: Baking Enjoyment and New Projects

About a week and a half ago I'd bought some bananas and, as with almost everything else I tend to buy fruit-wise, I didn't eat them all in time and alas they started to get brown and mushy. Well, one of my favorite things to do with mushy bananas is make banana bread and that is what I did. I generally use the Betty Crocker recipe but this time I used a recipe that my grandmother likes which was included in a cookbook compiled by the Trinity Wives Club back in 1958-ish.

The recipe I used was the first one on the page pictured here, Banana Quick Bread. I have to say it was fairly easy to make and turned out quite good! I love the fact that instead of stating that nuts are optional it calls them nutmeats, isn't that cool? I love old cookbooks! While new ones are often beautiful and full of color, it's the older ones that hold interesting pearls of wisdom and anecdotes. This one in particular is full of Bible verses, poems, prayers, helpful hints and the like. I have decided to take on the task of retyping the book and later making it into a new book with pictures and all. I plan on making each recipe and adding photos to them, keeping the original text of each page. It's a labor of love really.

My beautiful retro style Banana Bread and it was good!!!
Home-made goodness...
Well, I will let you now how this project progresses over time! I leave you now with a funny picture I took of myself and a magnet I got in NYC with a food sample! Enjoy!


Diana Mieczan said...

Yummm yummm yummmm...That sound so good:)
Kisses and I hope you are having a lovely Tuesday:)

Nadders23 said...

Thanks, Diana! I will be posting more about this project over time! I hope you also have a wonderful Tuesday! Hugs and kisses!



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