Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looking for Shell Necklace Instructions Found This...

So, I was just looking for ideas or instructions on how to make a necklace using the shells I have found on the beach that already have holes in them and I found this great blog on typepad called Vintage Chica. This lady has all sorts of wonderful projects and great images! The images are copyrighted so you must ask for permission to use them but she seems to have no problem giving the permission so long as you ask. I have included the link to her site on my links list but will add it here just in case: I love to share what I find with friends and this seems like a great find! Check it out!

If I find anymore interesting sites I will place them in the links section so you can check them out as well! I hope to soon be able to make some necklaces with the shells I have found and post the instructions on here. In the meantime, enjoy the pics I took of the ones I found which I will be using for crafting purposes. Cheers!

Mom holding some shells she found, me holding two cute little shells....

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