Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Musings: Working on....

I've been pretty incognito lately, I know! I've been busy as a bee with my 365 Day Project of photos and art journaling and have neglected to post anything here or at any of my other blogs lately. So, I wanted to just share a little of what I've been doing so that you all could enjoy it as well!

My 365 challenge is photographic and is pretty much about my 30th year of life (that is the theme, I started it on my 30th birthday---August 12th for those who did not know). So far it seems my 30th year is all about art! I need to get out more!

My art journaling is really what I am enjoying most these days and my entry yesterday is by far one of my favorites:

I continue to learn daily through reading other blogs and am inspired by my friends constantly. My surroundings are an inspiration sometimes although I really wish I lived somewhere more interesting. Hopefully soon I will be able to share a little more interesting stuff with you all now that September is come and autumn festivities seem to always breed more fun!

Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day (those of you in the States, that is--everyone else I still wish you an excellent day)! 


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