Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conscious Shopping Wednesday: Homes and Exteriors

photo of events at the Arts School of Venezuela in Caracas...
by: Nadia Marie Perez

What do shopping and design have in common? Quite a bit, actually. In about a week's time, hopefully, I will be heading over to the Tri-Cities to visit my friend Kiki of the blog Kiki Nakita and to attend the 2011 Regional Home and Garden Show in Pasco. I'm very excited to attend because my dear friend Kiki is a designer and I'll be able to pick her brain about what to look for in home decor and exterior design as well. She's bound to know how to get a bang for your buck or what to particularly splurge on. I don't own a home yet but I love design and think that you can shop for your home and what will go in it both conscientiously and efficiently.

I'm no designer but I have always enjoyed design and home improvement; it is no wonder, growing up with a father who had a subscription to HOME magazine ages ago and then House Beautiful to ELLE Decor I was always surrounded by design and a child I enjoyed watching This Old House and gardening shows so it should come as no great shock to anyone that I would enjoy design.

Look for a future post on the Home and Garden Show! This weekend it is on to celebrating my little nephew's birthday who just turned one yesterday! I love you, Little Alex!


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