Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All Around the World...Blog Action Day 2009

October 15th, 2009
Today bloggers all around the world unite under one cause: Climate Change. As individuals we can take many different steps to reduce our carbon footprint and help curb the effects of climate change. Together we can do anything, let's remember that this is not just for us but for our children, our children's children and all of earth's posterity. So, with that in mind, I want to hi-light things that we as individuals can do to reduce our own carbon emissions and encourage those around us to do the same! 

Moving closer to work is just one of the many ways we can help reduce our own carbon emissions. The second leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US is transportation. So, if you move closer to work you can take mass transit to get there (i.e. the bus), walk, cycle or use any other alternate mode of transportation that requires only human energy for power. You'll cut emissions considerably and guess what? It's better for you too! You'll feel better, happier and fitter!

Shopaholic much? I know I love to shop so this one goes for me too! CONSUME LESS!!!!Ouch! I know this one may seem next to impossible but fear not, it is possible and will make a huge difference! Don't you want your kids to still have a place to play in and a place to raise their own children in someday? "The easiest way to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions is simply to buy less stuff. " According to, cutting back on consumption results in fewer fossil fuels being burned to extract, produce and ship products around the globe. So get out those funky canvas bags you have lying around and start using them when shopping for food and other items to reduce the amount of plastic we use. Don't use the gas-guzzler unless absolutely necessary, walking feels good, gets your heart pumping and will be better in the long run for everyone! A couple other things, think green when shopping around, when it comes to groceries try to buy either in bulk (to use less packaging per shopping trip) or get things sans packaging. Do we really need all that plastic just lying around not going anywhere?

Ever stand in front of the refrigerator staring at its contents for 5 minutes with the door open only to shut it and go back to doing something else? Yes? Stop it! Those 5 minutes are a huge waste of energy which only add to your carbon footprint my friend. Have all the lights blazing in every room of your house? If you ain't in it turn those lights off. Get rid of high energy appliances and replace them with energy saving ones to limit the use of electricity at home. Weather-proof your home so you reduce heating and cooling costs as well impact.

We LOVE food! Who doesn't love a big old New York top sirloin? Or you Texans with your 4 pounders...gotta love beef, right? Another tidbit I found on "Corn grown in the U.S. requires barrels of oil for the fertilizer to grow it and the diesel fuel to harvest and transport it. Some grocery stores stock organic produce that do not require such fertilizers, but it is often shipped from halfway across the globe. And meat, whether beef, chicken or pork, requires pounds of feed to produce a pound of protein."

An interesting fact regarding what most of us eat (I include myself because I am definitely not a vegetarian but after learning all of this I may make the transition, slowly but surely): "University of Chicago researchers estimate that each meat-eating American produces 1.5 tons more greenhouse gases through their food choice than do their vegetarian peers. It would also take far less land to grow the crops necessary to feed humans than livestock, allowing more room for planting trees." What do you think of that? There are so many ways for us to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to go into every single one on this post would take quite a long time but the beginning is clear: we need to change now. If you want more than just the hi-lights I have included in this post you can check out the article I got some of these points from: Ten Solutions for Climate Change.

There are numerous sites and social networks now offering people the resources to transition into a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are a few that I am connected with and you can connect with too-->,,, and so many more! I cannot impress upon you enough how helpful these sites are. Get connected, get ideas, talk to others about what they are doing globally. I would like to take the time to mention some noteworthy blogs participating today as well: my friends at Socks for Happy People and Business That Cares. Check their posts out and hey, post a little diddy of your own! Let me know if you do so I can check it out and give you props!

Here's to sustainable living, combating global warming/climate change together and leading happy lives along the way!




MegzyTred said...

I love your post and you have excellent ideas, I know we try really hard to be green in our family and rural area but we could be doing so much more... I keep forgetting about the impact that eating meat has on the world, sigh, perhaps it's time to go a little farther towards vegetarianism then we already were! Thanks for the great ideas!
Megzy :)

Tom Minter said...

Great post, Nadia!

It's so true, what you've written about food - and leaving the fridge open!

Did you know it takes 7 lbs of corn to produce 1 lb of beef, and 3 lbs of corn to produce 1 lb of chicken?! With so much hunger in the world, that's mad!

Be sure to check out the Socks for Happy People Blog Action Day post: Climate Change Makes Us Smile.

Does climate change make YOU smile?!

Tom :-)

Richard said...

Heeeey Nadia, Great post!

I don't know where I heard about it being particularly bad but I have a REAL thing about holding the door of a fridge open! It's weird, when something becomes habit I'm not consciously aware of where it came from, yet I'm acting very deliberately because of it.

You put a lot of great stuff in your post, and you also touched upon something that heavily features in that article on Happiness being Vogue...but I won't ruin the surprise here.

Great contribution Nadia : )


Jennifer said...

Very well put, You reminded us of things we can do differently everyday. Thanks for sharing such great content with us.

Lalia Helmer said...

Hi Nadia,
I love your blog-you bring so much talent and creativity to everything you do.You can make a rather serious topic like climate change a pleasurable experience to read and think about.Thanks for all you do.

Hair Bows Wonderworld said...

Awesome post, Nadia!


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